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Yep, my life, on a web page!

The Obligatory Welcome Message


Welcome to Steve's Web Site! This site is intended for personal use and does not express the mission represent the University in any way. Please click around and enjoy. Many of my friends like the "Cool Stuff" link because it makes everyone laugh. Enjoy, Steve!

Quickie About Me:

Where am I from and what I do? I'm originally from Chicago (ok, so a north suburb). I have obtained my bachelors & Masters from ASU. I teach GIT 301 for the College of Technology & Inovation, which is a beginning HTML class for non-majors. What do I do during the day? I am a Printing Services Specialist for the Government.

What do I do in my spare time? I try to entertain when I get the chance. I love to cook (I'm very domesticated). I like hanging out with all of my friends and when I have to, drinking. I live with a roommate in an apartment in Arlington, VA, so it pays to be domesticated. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm 26 and already feeling old, but not that old because most of my friends are older then me. Ok, so they are 27, but that makes me feel young.

Curious about more of my interests? Check out the rest of the web site or visit my profile on, where everything under the sun is listed there.

If you thought you would find something extra ordinary on this site then you are very mistaken. Try someone else's site!